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Martine work as a stage director, actress and singer. She has a bachelor's degree from Gothenburg, University with a great passion for further developing musical theatre. She's currently director and choreographer in PELLE POLITIBIL (Nordland Teater) and SPRING AWAKENING (City Scene, Fredrikstad). Works include: THE WIZARD OF OZ (Chateau Neuf), MUSIKALFEST MED KORK and MISS SAIGON (Folketeateret), FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (Trøndelag Teater), DANS PÅ KNUST GLASS (Riksscenen) and BLINDPASSASJER (Det andre teatret). This is in addition to a number of semi-professional productions associated with various local communities in Norway. Among other productions, OLAV DEN HELDIGE (Stiklestad/Sarpsborg), THE FULL MONTY (Sarpsborg), ALBERT AND LEONIE (Odda), REISEN TIL JULESTJERNEN (Bærum), DET BRENNER EN ILD (Fredrikstad) and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Hvaler). Martine is reliable, motivating, creative, committed and known for having a genuine love for her work and the people she works with. With good professional and relational competence, her ambition is to be able to challenge, entertain and touch the audience by captivating storytelling, in addition to creating a memorable, wonderful experience for everyone involved in the production. Martine's a member of the Norwegian director's association.


Martine is a qualified professor from Østfold University College and offers teaching in acting and musical theatre, both in groups and individually. Her goal is to educate confident, courageous, independent, honest, curious, professionally good practitioners with understanding and consideration for their fellow human beings. She does this by seeing, understanding and challenging the whole person in a creative, safe, inclusive, equal and motivating work environment. She now works as a university professor in the department of performing arts at Kristiania University College and has previously worked at Bårdar Akademiet. In addition to this she's a consultant for Sceneteppe in Fredrikstad.

Martine also has a fondness for writing. She has translated a number of musicals and independent songs from English to Norwegian, in addition to the fact that she has written two musicals and released a mini-album with newly written songs. In 2020, Martine began a collaboration with "Ingrid Tegner" which resulted in thirteen illustrated lyrics. You can find her independent texts in the Sister Soul stores in Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad.

For a closer look; Listen to Martine in the norwegian podcast MUSIKAL I MONITOR on Spotify.



Miss Saigon - HOVEDTRAILER I Premiere 1. september 2023

Miss Saigon - HOVEDTRAILER I Premiere 1. september 2023

Miss Saigen er en av de mest ikoniske musikalene noensinne, nå kommer den endelig til Folketeateret!🎵🧡 Skapt av den legendariske duoen Claude-Michel Schönberg og Alain Boublil, som også stod bak den berømte musikalen "Les Misérables," har Miss Saigon beveget og begeistret publikum over hele verden. Om du likte Les Misérables og The Phantom of the Opera, kommer du til å elske Miss Saigon! Musikalen tar oss med til Saigon under Vietnamkrigen på 1970-tallet. Det er en moderne gjenfortelling av den klassiske operaen "Madame Butterfly" og følger den hjerteskjærende historien om Kim, en ung vietnamesisk kvinne, og Chris, en amerikansk soldat. Deres skjebner blir sammenflettet på en måte som utfordrer kjærlighetens grenser og konfronterer de brutale realitetene i krigens ettervirkninger. 🎼Musikken i Miss Saigon er en viktig grunn til hvorfor den har blitt en tidløs klassiker. Musikken er enestående og viser nok en gang komponistenes evne til å skape musikalske mesterverk. Claude-Michel Schönberg, kjent for sine minneverdige verk som "Do You Hear the People Sing," "On My Own," og "I Dreamed a Dream" fra "Les Misérables," har skapt et partitur som er like mektig og følelsesladd. Musikalen krever et stort orkester, og som vanlig fyller vi orkestergraven på Folketeateret med musikere for å kunne gjengi den storslåtte lydverdenen. Orkesteret i "Miss Saigon" kan på mange måter sammenlignes med det i "Les Misérables," både når det gjelder stil og størrelse. Musikken er hjertet som styrer alt som skjer på scenen. Miss Saigon er et verk som har rørt og berørt mennesker over hele verden. Musikalen er vår største satsning noen sinne! Vi kan love deg en mektig opplevelse du sent vil glemme. 🎭 Musikalen spilles fra september til november 2023 og vi anbefaler deg å være raskt ute om du vil sikre deg billetter til denne storslåtte opplevelsen!


"Olav den heldige og Ranes hemmelighet is a magical, entertaining, funny and exciting performance that is worth seeing (...) Director Martine Tufvesson Lundberg lets the adult actors shine, the children impress and the extras complement the scenography in a great way. Set design, choreography, costume design, sound, lighting and music also deserve praise. You believe in the magic that happens on stage, often with simple and effective means."

Adresseavisen, Olav den heldige 2022

«Martine Tufvesson Lundberg has chosen to infuse her version of the show with heavy use of realism (...) Their vulnerability is honest and heartfelt (...) It’s definetly a comedy, but it’s true power is in the balancing act between being comedic and serious.”
Broadwayworld, I blanke messingen 2022

"Your children will be eternally grateful if you take them on this one. Rarely have I seen a more enthusiastic audience of all ages. I choose to quote a young boy of around ten or twelve years of age whom I overheard on the way out after the performance: This is the best Christmas present I have ever received, mum, and I want exactly the same ticket for next Christmas too.

Nettavisen, The Wizard of Oz 2019

"Director Martine Tufvesson Lundberg has had a very steady hand in instructing many actors who unfold over a large physical area. The result is definitely a family musical for the whole family. As we strolled towards the car in the lovely moonlight, there were some boys behind us who excitedly discussed the midgard worm among themselves. Like after a superhero movie at the cinema.”


Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, Olav den heldige 2022

“It's been a long time since I've heard so many laugh so well. It is of course thanks to good efforts and the band, but not least producer Philip Bøckmann and director Martine Tufvesson Lundberg. Both are still only in their early 30s, but nevertheless already experienced in the industry, and have managed to turn the full monty into an Østfold celebrated performance (...) It is no small task to stage one of the musical world's great titles, which in addition, is one of the most successful films in history. Then it's extra fun that the ensemble delivers to a standing ovation."

Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, The full monty 2022

"In Blindpassasjer, the lead character presents the experiences of living with only a thin strip of freeboard between the spark of life and depression. It has become an important performance conveyed without finger-pointing "bessewisseri" but with an injecting sincerity, almost so that it stings. The performance also communicates our times focus on achievements, and not on the person. Six on the dice!"

Fredriksstad Blad, Blindpassasjer 2019

"There have been great expectations ahead of the musical about Albert and Leonie. And now we can reveal: They will be fulfilled all as one. The performance has simply turned out fantastically well"

Hardanger Folkeblad, Albert og Leonie 2019

"With vivid scenography, inventive costumes and masks, magical lighting and effects, driving fast personal direction and, above all, the immortal music, The Wizard appears as the equipment show it should be."

Aftenposten, The Wizard of Oz 2019

"Anniken and her sister have been responsible for the translation. It cannot have been an easy job, but the two of them come out of it with flying colors. In addition, the latter has directed the first act, while Patrick Hilmar Ingvaldsen has directed the second and last act. It works perfectly seamlessly, and both do their jobs with great passion."

Fredriksstad Blad, Heathers 2023

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Foto_ Kine Jensen
Foto_ Kine Jensen

Martine's understanding and dedication to theatre is inspiring! She sees individuals for their worth, offers good tips and motivates you to do your best as a performer. She invests a lot of time and work in understanding the character herself as much as you do and has many smart tools to help you achieve high-level mastery. She is open to a variety of techniques and works based on what you want to achieve.

Student, Bårdar Academy

Martine gives us concrete tools that we can use in acting and she is a master at guiding us and asking questions, which make us reflect and find the answer ourselves. It is very good to have Martine as a teacher because she cares extremely much about the subject and I notice that it motivates the whole class. Martine cares a lot about her students.

Student, University of Musical theatre

Martine starts from your strengths, while at the same time constantly challenging you and pushing you to new heights. A dream to work with!

Private student

Martine gives room to reflect. As an educator she sees me for the human being I am, not only what I do - at the same time that she makes more demands than anyone else. I feel incredibly lucky.

Student, Kristiania University College

Martine's teaching is a constant source of inspiration. I am grateful to know that I can always ask for help when I want to spark new thoughts and be challenged in a space that feels safe and open. Martine has, based on my experiences, a very special ability to understand what I can explore in order to stretch myself further. In addition, there is always room for reflections and observations which help to develop my independence.

Private student

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