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Foto: Ove Tøpfer

«Blindpassasjer» is an autobiographical story written by Anniken and Martine Lundberg to prevent suicide and encourage the audience to talk openly about mental health. It's a story about what happens when we let our fears take over our lives and questions what makes a person choose to live - in times where it may seem like there is no other choice but to die. The musical introduces us to a girl in her bedroom, with her own taughts - portrayed by two actors playing her inner child and her inner demon. The light and the darkness. To live in balance with ourselves we those to parts of us needs to communicate and understand oneanother. 

In 2019 the reviewer Christen Hvam wrote this about the production:

"In Blindpassager, Anniken Bakken Lundberg (23) presents the experiences of living with only a thin strip of freeboard between the spark of life and depression. It has become an important performance conveyed without finger-pointing besserwisserie but with an injecting sincerity, almost so that it stings. It is also not wrong to interpret the performance as a wink against our time's focus on achievements, and not the person".

The production had its premiere in Oslo november 9th 2021. 

Kulturleveranser's ambition is to strengthen individuals and further develop people's understanding of each other and themselves. The company wants to contribute to the further development of performing arts in Norway, challenge the structure of musical theater and promote the profession as more than just entertainment by presenting the audience with professional chamber musicals that invite reflection and close dialogue between audience and performer.


Producer: Kulturleveranser AS
Project manager: Ole-Hermann Gudim Lundberg

Director: Martine Tufvesson Lundberg
Sound/lighting design: Tor Marius Refsahl
Props: Else-Marie Hansen

On stage

SHE: Anniken Bakken Lundberg
HIM: Patrick Hilmar Ingvaldsen (Fredrikstad) / Andreas Humlekjær (Oslo)
THE GIRL: Mathilde Thorsen Olsen (Fredrikstad) / Madikken Nilsen (Oslo)

Conductor and musician: Mats-André Soli
Musician: Even Pedersen

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