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Kulturleveranser is currently working on further developing a performance that deals with the gender change from male to female in the 80s/early 90s, seen through a mother's eyes. The story follows Morten, who in the course of two and a half years goes from being a man to a woman, and Unni, who has to say goodbye to her son and welcome a new daughter. The performance is loosely based on recordings by Unni Gudim. Script development/pre-project is supported by Fritt ord, Fredrikstad kommune, the Kulturrådet and others.

The aim of staging this story is to be able to contribute to the public discourse in addition to challenging musical theater as a form of communication. The company conducted a workshop in spring 2021 which resulted in a closed "reading" for specially invited guests. After positive and constructive input from test audiences/actors, the material is now being processed further towards an official premiere planned in 2023.


Producer: Kulturleveranser As
Director: Ole-Hermann Gudim Lundberg
Writer, composer and co-director: Martine Tufvesson Lundberg

On stage (Reading)

Unni: Monica Hjelle
Morten (adult): Philip Bøckmann
Victoria (the woman Mortan dreams of becoming): Maria Wulcan

Morten (young): Noah Nilsen

Conductor and musician: Mats-André Soli
Musician: Jan Ragnar Storheim

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